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Networking Installation & Maintenance

Today, many businesses operate in functional silos: unable to properly communicate, share data, or access the Internet. The lack of synergy is costing your organization time and money. We can completely network your offices creating a client/server environment that is scalable and reliable.

Wireless Network Implementation (public & private)

The workplace is constantly evolving and the freedom of mobility is something that a wireless network can provide. Wireless networking is ideal for laptop users and those with traditional desktops can unclutter their workspace as well. Wireless networks provide convenience and flexibility for your network.

Network Mapping

Documenting your existing network can help you find room for optimization by locating bottle necks and problem areas. Additionally, this service is helpful for segmenting groups of users, servers, and accessibility. This provides your company with an accurate assessment of your network.

Network Security & Risk Consulting

The protection of sensitive data that your network transmits is of the utmost importance. Firewalls block unauthorized access to your network by closing vulnerable ports that malicious hackers can exploit. We can provide security solutions to keep your data private, block intrusions automatically, and safeguard your network without sacrificing accessibility.

Remote Connectivity & VPN Services

Remote management of your servers allows Zeo Technologies to fix problems without making a trip to your office. This minimizes downtime and allows us to keep you up and running. Zeo Technologies can securely connect to your network to monitor its performance and make any necessary changes or updates. Virtual Private Networks can connect two or more remote offices or users, allowing them to function as a single network.

Security Policy Review and Redesign

Organization's have dissimilar hierarchies, each employee has their own capabilities and job functions. Zeo Technologies can custom tailor Group Policies for each category of user to ensure that they have access to the resources they need but cannot modify elements restricted by their given user or group rights.