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MS Exchange and Groupware Solutions

Effective communication and collaboration are critical to survive in today's challenging business world. Secure, flexible solutions can be implemented to provide a reliable groupware product that manages your contacts, email accounts, and schedule to keep you efficient and organized.

PDA/Blackberry Connectivity and Server Managment

Wireless solutions are assisting mobile professionals everywhere and Zeo can assist your business in the rollout of PDAs. Wireless connectivity can help your employees stay in touch via phone and email with the ability to manage all their data from a single, integrated handheld device.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Sourcing the right hardware and software can be difficult and time consuming. Our consultants are fully aware of the latest products and technologies to help your business harness the latest tools and practices to ensure the correct match of your needs.

Data Backup and Redundancy Systems

Your company data is of the utmost importance. Zeo can implement a backup system to protect your critical data and simplify the process of its management. This consistent, reliable data protection can give your company the assurance that their it's data is resistant to harm and secured from loss.

Disaster Recovery and Data Rescue

In the unfortunate event fo data loss from accidental or malicious file deletion, Zeo can help you recover your files quickly. We can attempt to bring back files that may have been emptied from the recycle bin, deleted by an application, been unlinked by the file system, or mysteriously vanished from a RAID array.