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Zeo is a company that develops efficient and innovative solutions.

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About Zeo Technologies


Our company began with 100 square feet of borrowed warehouse space in Houston, Pennsylvania. Survival was the biggest challenge that first year, a challenge that was met by a simple formula: producing world-class work and exceeding each customer's expectations. The formula proved successful in 1999 and it remains at the core of our business strategy today.

Our corporate headquarters, now based in Pittsburgh, houses most of our team, with remote locations throughout western Pennsylvania. Our customer base has been able to reap the benefits of a central office located in Pittsburgh, and they continue to enjoy unprecedented service, with a minimum turnaround time. What started as a warehouse operation selling technical services to local businesses has grown into an innovative systems integration and web development business.

Along the way, we've been careful to grow our company organically, using only the most talented professionals in their respective fields. We believe it is our ability to mix emerging technology with best business and technology practices that gives us the edge over our competition. Our company was not created to be just another IT firm, but to be a leader in quality, service, and customer satisfaction for all IT needs. We plan for the future, so our customers can continue to rely on us for years to come.